Published On: January 21, 2021

Will I be able to access Kamloops Lake as Tranquille is redeveloped?

This is a question many ask when they hear about the Tranquille development. The answer is “YES, you will have even greater access than you do now”.

Thousands of Kamloopsians currently enjoy the spectacular riches of Tranquille’s waterfront playground. Rock hounding, beach combing, swimming, gold panning, fishing, and bird watching – Cooney Bay, this is the intersection of so much of what is good in life.

Credit: Tobi Simms

The Tranquille Wildlife Management Area, locally known as the Bird Sanctuary anchors the east end of the Tranquille waterfront and Little Battle Bluff anchors its west end. Between these two points lie 2.5 kilometers of endless adventure exploring Tranquille’s diverse ecosystem.

The variety of birds seems almost endless. Spring is ushered in with the calls of newly arrived meadowlarks followed by other songbirds and raptors. Fall fades into winter with the relentless bugle calls of Sandhill cranes swooping in for a well-deserved rest on their migratory journey. Four legged residents such as coyotes and deer can often be seen roaming across Tranquille’s pastures while an occasional bobcat, wolf, or cougar may also be spotted foraging through the area. As forgotten fruit trees, leftover from abandoned orchards, bend with their fall bounty, black bears may be seen quietly eating fermenting fruit as they prepare for winter hibernation. The howls of coyotes hunting during a summer evening frame the silence of the stealth like flight of Great Horned Owls teaching owlets how to hunt until the clarion calls of resident loons announce the dawn of another day.

How can you enjoy all of this and more? An extensive and accessible public trail system paralleling the South Thompson river and portions of the Tranquille river as well as the Cooney Bay lakefront will facilitate easy access to the waterfront. Sustainable trail design which mitigates human impact with wildlife, Interpretive signage, circuit training workout stations, nature lookouts, and bridges will connect users with the Bird Sanctuary, the development’s neighborhood parks, Little Battle Bluffs, a new municipal park with boat launch & day docks located in Cooney Bay, and the 38,000 + acres of Lac du Bois Provincial Park.

Credit: Tobi Simms

Are you a current or future user of the Cooney Bay waterfront? If so, we would love to hear from you. Join us in the weekly Living Tranquille community engagement conversation at or on Facebook . Let us know what you think and ask any question you may have. If you are part of a user group and we have not yet contacted your organization to share our development vision, contact us. We would love to set up an online meeting with your membership to facilitate discussion together.

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