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LIVING TRANQUILLE: Municipal Approvals

Published On: July 2, 2021

Are you aware of how the Tranquille on the Lake Neighbourhood Plan (the ‘Neighbourhood Plan’) came to be?

It started with an agreement between the British Columbia Agricultural Land Commission and property owners in 2006 to exclude 112.89 acres of Agricultural Reserve Land for redevelopment. At that time, the development was described as an eco Agri resort with a golf course amenity. A public hearing was held, and in 2008 council gave municipal approval for the redevelopment of the Tranquille property through an amendment to the City’s Official Community Plan.

Agrihood Gate to Plate Community Meal

As further investigations and market research were carried out between 2008 and 2012 a new, market driven, version of Tranquille emerged – a Master Planned Agri Community (Agrihood) centered around a sustainable village and working farm that would be an amenity rich, self-contained, walkable neighbourhood with “light on the land” impact on Tranquille’s natural assets. During this time frame it was also discovered that a little more than 12 acres of non ALR land were within Tranquille’s boundaries. This resulted in an increase of the Neighbourhood Plan’s development area to approximately 125 acres, about 26% of the 470-acre property.

Due to:
– the discovery of non ALR land on the Tranquille property,
– acknowledged complexities of redeveloping Tranquille,
– the uniqueness of developing an amenity rich, waterfront neighbourhood that included a farm within City limits,

the City Planning & Engineering Department asked property owners to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan, a Comprehensive Development Zoning Plan, and a Phased Development Agreement.

The result was an overarching Neighbourhood Plan which connected the property to the City of Kamloops development planning process. It enshrined plans for a development which would be a visionary and significantly sustainable Agri community development. The Comprehensive Development Zoning Plan and need for a Phased Development Agreement were established as implementation “tools” for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Credit: Tranquille Farm Fresh

After an action-packed summer where approximately 20,000 site visits were made to Tranquille by Kamloopsians and visitors to Kamloops, the Tranquille on the Lake Neighbourhood Plan was approved by council on Aug 12, 2008 and adopted into the Kamloops Official Community Plan (KAMPLAN). This foundational policy document laid out the Vision and supporting policy elements for the future Tranquille community.

After the Tranquille on the Lake Neighbourhood Plan received fourth reading by the City of Kamloops and upon completion of another Public Hearing process, the Comprehensive Development Zoning Plan (CD9) was held at Third Reading (September 11, 2012) at the request of the property owners with the support of staff and Council. Both parties felt the presence of the eventual property developer was crucial for completion of the Phased Development Agreement which would then lead to fourth and final reading of the CD9.

In 2017 the Ignition Group, a BC land developer, stepped forward to commence an in-depth due diligence process for the redevelopment of the Tranquille lands. Upon completion of this process Ignition and its consultants, working within the principles and spirit set out in the approved Neighbourhood Plan, undertook the key steps of creating a modernized Master Concept Plan for the development.

In our next blog we will unpack the contents of the Tranquille on the Lake Neighborhood Plan further as we share how the Tranquille Master Concept Plan follows the Vision, Policies, Principles, Land Use, Sustainability Guidelines, and Environmental Management components of the approved Plan.

If you have not yet read the Tranquille on the Lake Neighbourhood Plan, you can find it here on the City of Kamloops website.

Cooney Bay Photo – Credit: Robb Thompson